About Our Library

This library is designed for our Climate Leadership students to learn about a wide range of nature/environmental/climate change topics. Some of the library content are videos; some are articles. Note to parents:  we make every attempt to ensure that the videos do not contain questionable content; however, some videos have advertisements attached to them.

Videos or online article submissions:  your student is encouraged to submit content they believe should be in the Library. They can submit that content to for review before we upload to the Library.

Library Topics


The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature | HD – YouTube:  2.38 minutes

Forest and Grasslands Biome (  8.46 minutes

Biomes of the World for Children: Oceans, Mountains, Grassland, Rainforest, Desert – FreeSchool (  12.54 minutes


The Earth’s Hydrosphere (  3.30 minutes

Water – The Source of Life ( 12.27 minutes

Weather & Climate

What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate? (  2.0 minutes

ARTICLE Weather or Climate … What’s the Difference? (

Climate Change

Jane Goodall’s Message of Hope:  7.47 minutes

Planetary Health: 6.03 minutes (David Attenborough)

Climate Change for Kids | A fun engaging introduction to climate change for kids – YouTube:  11.34 minutes

Climate Change Activities

Climate Change Action

UNICEF: Greta Thunberg and 8 Young Activists Speak:  3.35 minutes

What are Earth Systems? (  5.40 minutes

Exploring the Atmosphere ( 4.04 minutes