January 21, 2016

Student Response



We follow up all of our programs with questionnaires so we can gauge how much information participants have absorbed and comprehended. It is also an opportunity for participants to give us feedback: tell us what they liked, what they didn't like and to ask any lingering questions. We archive every response. Below is an unedited sampling of what students have shared.


Can feathers give you sticky hands?

So there was 40-45 feet of GUANO?

When of we get to see owls?

Are bats more like squirels or humans?

I like learning about the animals more and more!

Do birds or snakes kill large animals like cows, pigs, or horses or roosters or dogs?

A kid in our class hunts for food and he was out hunting when he saw a periguin falcon and his dad told him to shoot it but he said no and explained that it was protected.

Where does the Chinese water dragon live? How do we help protect it?

I really love the animals you bring in.

I want to learn about how to protect these animals that you bring.

Why did bats get such a bad reputation?  not scary, not mean, cute and important!

What are bats general favorite food?

What size do bats generaly come in?

Those bats are so cute. What are their names? Ages? Personalities?

Bats are so interesting.  I always am doing research on them.  Thank you for teaching me so much about them.

Are hawks wings bigger than falcons?

I really enjoy this class because you have taught me how to handle and react to animals, especially snakes. (To me they’re scary.)

How many feathers do your birds have all together?

This is a best thing I ever learn in my life and you are my best and funny teacher ever, thank you for teach us.

Are owls smart?

What is your favorite tipe of snake? Can snakes be herbevores?

You are my favorite teacher! 🙂   I love learning about new animals.  You have taught me what to learn about.



Here is a sampling of artwork created by participants of TTYL programs over the years:

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