2015 Governor’s Award

2015 Governor’s Award

TTYL Receives the 2015 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award!


New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez (right) with Talking Talons Youth Leadership’s Program Director, Laurie Wearne (center) and Educator Tammy Maitland (left) as they accept the 2015 New Mexico Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Youth leadership. Talking Talons Youth Leadership was recognized for its work during the multi-year Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP) project grant.

The CFRP is a U. S. Forest Service grant originally unique to New Mexico. Grant recipients partner with other community organizations, businesses and the USFS to restore a portion of national forest, and increase benefits to forest and wildlife. Wildlife habitat improvement projects benefit the overall health of the ecosystem. Projects that include thinning the forest to historical tree densities help to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires, especially in Wildland-Urban-Interface areas such as the Talking Talons CFRP site. Existing tree densities in the Cibola National Forest are 8-10 times greater than historical conditions! Additionally, partnerships between local businesses and organizations result in greater networking opportunities and community development. Employment opportunities are created for local contractors, educators and others that help carry out various aspects of the CFRP project.

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